What types of subscription are there?
Motiveo offers one of four packages: Start, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. More information about the parameters of the particular accounts is available here.
I haven’t found a subscription package that would suit me. Can I hope for an individual offer?
Can I pay for the selected package for a whole year in advance?
If I have selected a paid package, when will the service be activated?
Is using the free package limited in time?
Can I downgrade to a lower package?
Can I upgrade to a higher package?
I am late with payment, will the service be deactivated?
Does using Motiveo require additional software?
No additional software is required. In order to use the Motiveo system, you only need a computer with Internet access. In an effort to meet the needs of the clients, we have also prepared an application for mobile devices that can be downloaded from our website at www.motiveo.pl.
What is the Dashboard?
What is a motivation programme?
Are there time limitations for a motivation campaign?
What partnership programme models can an entrepreneur choose from?


  • Sale = reward – the bonus is awarded for each of the sales confirmed by the Entrepreneur.
  • Points-based system – the bonus is awarded on the basis of points collected.
  • Mixed system – the bonus is awarded for the points collected by the sales specialist. In some cases, the bonus is awarded directly after selling a product specified by the Entrepreneur.


What is the push effect?
What types of bonuses for sales specialists are there?
On what basis are bonuses awarded?
I don’t have my own company, can I use Motiveo?

MOTIVEO is intended for people who are employees of companies and set up an account in the system providing their company’s data and for people who run their own businesses.

Możesz korzystać z systemu MOTIVEO jeżeli posiadasz własną firmę lub jeżeli Przedsiębiorca zaprosi Cię do udziału w organizowanym przez siebie programie motywacyjnym.

I am a sales specialist, can I use Motiveo?
Why do I need to provide detailed company and product data?
The provision by the Entrepreneur of information such as full and relevant company address data, product price, mark-up level, and satisfactory sales level for a given product is necessary for the proper functioning of the Motiveo system. Many of the documents, information, recalculations, and reports are made by the system automatically. On the basis of the input data, the system generates documents, notifications, and reports. The lack of certain information will make it impossible to make full use of the system in the process of motivating employees.
Is my data secure?
Where can I download MOTIVEO for mobile applications from?
Motiveo is available for Apple mobile devices with the iOS operating system and for mobile devices working in the Android environment.

I’m an entrepreneur. What functions will I have access to?
I am a sales specialist. What functions will I have access to?
Is the virtual advisor a real person?
No. The virtual advisor is a specially designed module that has a built-in database of potential answers. The answer is generated by means of using an advanced IT algorithm.
How to ask the virtual advisor a question?
The virtual advisor did not answer my question. What should I do?

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