I’m an entrepreneur. What do I get?


  • A professional tool for boosting sales, the price of which is much lower than dedicated corporate solutions (savings of up to in excess of PLN 10,000).
  • A motivation system for sales specialists that may translate directly to better sales in your company.
  • Online monitoring of sales using a web browser or a mobile device.
  • An intuitive and simple creator of motivation programmes.
  • Detailed sales reports with a possibility of checking geolocation.
  • A generator of all the necessary legal documents.
  • A push effect mechanism that produces high conversion while active.
  • A possibility of using fully automated sales verification thanks to a generator of sales codes (QR, bar, or alphanumeric codes).
  • 24/7 assistance from a virtual advisor.Interested? See for yourself!

I’m a sales specialist. What do I get?


  • Cash and non-cash bonuses for achieving the sales target set by the entrepreneur
  • Clear and simple rules of participation in a motivation programme.
  • Full automation of sales using a sales codes generator and comfortable execution of transactions thanks to a mobile application.
  • A possibility of creating a mobile presentation of the product using ready-made templates.
  • ABC of sales – a database of information on how to prepare and present the products and services offered to potential clients.
  • Notifications of sales verification sent via the web browser, an e-mail account, or the mobile application.

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