Business needs to sell

Effective sales are the basis of every business. Without well-organised and effective sales, a company cannot function properly and compete on the market. This is why experienced entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to supporting sales at many stages.

Sales need motivation

Sales specialists and other people involved in selling your products must understand the benefits of making the sales. They must be sure that these benefits can be obtained and they need effective motivation for sales activities.

Motivate and sell more

Try the Motiveo system out. You risk nothing. It’s free. The system will help you effectively motivate your sales specialists to sell more efficiently, at the same time offering transparency of activities and freedom and convenience in everyday work.

What do you get thanks to Motiveo?


24/7 availability

Motiveo works in every web browser. The mobile application guarantees access to the platform at any time.


Various motivation models offer a new, fresh look at planning, tracking, and analysing the sales process.

Sales efficiency

A fair motivation system makes sales specialists sell more, as the efficiency of their actions is driven by cash and non-cash bonuses.

No risk

Starting a motivation programme is 100% free. You pay only when you want to expand the functionalities of your account.

A new image of sales

Motiveo is a comprehensive analytical tool that allows you to constantly monitor sales and generate detailed reports.

Intuitiveness in a cloud

We have adapted to your needs and employed the SaaS technology, which makes using the website easy, safe, and reliable.

Who is Motiveo for?



Full support for sales of products. Bar code and serial number verification possible.

The automotive industry

You run a dealership or a garage? Reward your clients for bringing new clients along.


Make your friends or clients the ambassadors of your online store. Settle transactions by means of discount codes.


Are you an owner of a hairdressing salon or a SPA? Make your select clients your ambassadors that will sell your services.

Consumer electronics and home appliances

You offer a lot of products? You want to automate the sales verification process? Motiveo can verify sales using serial numbers, generated bar codes, or generated QR codes.

Motiveo in the media:


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You can try our system out for free now. The only limitation is the number of sales specialists. In the free version, you can have three of them.
If you run a bigger company and would like to test the system on a larger number of sales specialists, please contact us.
We will surely strike a deal.

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